Little Bird Decor is the creation of Sara Vivaldelli. Sara is a ten year veteran of the retail industry, spending more than half of that time with a high end home furnishings retailer in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Chicago.

Of her many roles, she consistently held leadership positions in Visual Merchandising and display that maximized store revenue. Sara has spent her career creating living spaces for people that are not only a reflection of their needs and wants, but also with the belief that a warm and inviting space simply makes a person feel like they are at home.  Just like you she is inspired by global trends, art, and Pinterest!  She loves merging the bones of a room with accessories, color, and texture to make it feel warm and meaningful.  Sara is a budget shopper and occasional do-it-yourselfer and wants to help you to create a home you are proud of.  Sara has the passion for home decorating and an unwavering commitment to satisfy all of her client's needs.