The Little Bird Story...

I had to share the inspiration behind my new logo design.  When I was a little girl my family had wonderful reunions with extended family at different locations throughout the United States.  On one such trip to York, Pennsylvania I had some shopping time with my Great Aunt Louise.  I ended up with some adorable, handmade stationary with little birds made out of ric rac and a fine tip marker.  It was so simple, but so sweet (kind of like her!).    Now, some 30+ years later, I still have three of the cards.  They survived 12 moves, three states, and two children! 

When I was brainstorming the name for my new business – little bird – came to mind.  “Little bird” is one of the many nick names my Mom has always had for me, and since this business is my new “baby” it seemed to ring true.  There is a reason I have held onto that stationary- and now I know why!

Yael Joffe , and Yell Media created my logo and captured the image perfectly (it wasn’t easy!).  I am so lucky to have had her design it (and my website for that matter) and to be starting this new chapter of my life.  I hope you will continue to follow me and see what this little bird is up to!